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Oil Industry Marketing Plan Endorsed

May 25, 2017

Oil & Gas Research Council Endorses
Petroleum Council Marketing Plan

Energy of North Dakota LogoFollowing up on its Oil Can! campaign, the ND Petroleum Council has received a positive recommendation from the Oil and Gas Research Council for the next phase of its industry promotion campaign.

The Energy of North Dakota program will continue NDPC’s outreach programs, but there will also be more concerted efforts to develop materials and messages that are scalable, relatable to a millennial audience, and can be deployed through various channels.

The goal of the campaign is to transform North Dakotans’ “vague indifference” toward their state’s energy production into a deeply rooted, knowledge-based, prideful conviction. NDPC wants to instill in its stakeholders a “sense of achievement in becoming a significant force in energy production."

The marketing effort will not only highlight the industry’s economic contributions, but will also tout its environmental responsibility, ensuring spills or impacts are properly addressed and noting the strength of the state’s regulations and enforcement practices.

The Petroleum Council is seeking funds to match the industry's contribution. The final funding decision rests with the state Industrial Commission, which will meet June 5.

Click here to view the ND Petroleum Council presentation.

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