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Truck Permit System Plans Move Forward

Jul 13, 2017

WDEA's Uniform Truck Permit Advisory Committee voted unanimously today to proceed with efforts to enhance and expand LoadPass Permits, the association's oversize truck management system.

LoadPass Permits helps regulate the movement of overweight and overlength trucks on county, city and township roads in North Dakota’s oil-producing counties. 

Currently users of the permit system are required to enter the route for the trip they plan to make, specifying each road segment they will follow.  Phase 1 of the enhancement project will simplify that task with a computer program that automatically chooses a preferred route from starting point to destination. Phase 2 will incorporate additional details about load limits, bridge widths and other road restrictions to further automate the selection of the most appropriate route.

Estimated costs for developing Phase 1 of the project range from $160,000-180,000. The advisory committee approved a temporary surcharge of 2.5% of fee revenue collected by participating members of the LoadPass Permits system.
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