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2015 Annual Meeting
1.1 How Do We get More Oil out of the Bakken?
An Overview of the EERC’s Bakken CO2 Storage and Enhanced Recovery Research Program

Presented to North Dakota Association of Oil & Gas Producing Counties September 10, 2015

John Harju Vice President for Strategic Partnerships Energy & Environmental Research Center
4. 2015 - 2017 Biennium Overview
for Williston and the Region

Brent Bogar
Jadestone Consulting

2014 NDAOGPC Annual Meeting
North Dakota Oil & Gas Activity, Impacts, And Funding
Presented at the 2014 NDAOGPC Annual Meeting

2013 NDAOGPC Annual Meeting
Audio Playlist
Above is a link to the YouTube audio playlist for the 2013 NDAOGPC Annual Meeting held in Dickinson, ND. Below are links to individual audio clips and presentations made throughout the Annual Meeting.
4.0 Distribution of the 5% Oil and Gas Gross Production Tax
Presented by ND State Treasurer Kelly Schmidt.
5. Guest Panel - An Outlook from the Industry
Jim Arthaud, MBI Energy Services - Moderator
Jack Ekstrom, Whiting Petroleum
Terry Kovacevich, Marathon Oil
Tim Butts, Continental Resources
6. Lunch Program
This audio clip features the NDAOGPC Distinguished Service Award presentation to Bowman County Public School Superintendent Tony Duletski for his years of service on the Association's Executive Committee. Also recognized were the 2013 NDAOGPC Scholarship award winners. President Dan Brosz closes out the lunch program with his reflections on the past year, including comments on the 2013 legislative session.

Bakken Oil Rig Locator
Bakken Oil Rig Locator
Map of Bakken oil rig locations for the week of October 14, 2013
Bakken Oil Rig Locator
Map of Bakken oil rig locations for the week of January 23, 2015

Basin Bits Magazine
Basin Bits - Fall 2017
- The Road to Expanding WDEA's LoadPass Permits
- The Art of the Refrac
- Introducting the Cleanest Refinery on the Planet
- Construction Takes Off at Williston Basin International Airport
Basin Bits - Spring 2017
- A New President, A New Energy Policy
- Calling All Cultivators: Can We Keep Coal Viable?
- On the Hunt for Gold
- A New Sense of Optimism
Basin Bits - Fall 2016
- Accessing American Energy and Security
- Conducting Collaboration for Rail Response Funds
- Dealing with Change. Driving North Dakota Forward
Basin Bits - Spring 2016
- Hauling the Bakken
- Leadership: The Power of Perspective
- Remaining Successful in Uncertain Times
- BakkenU: Energizing through Education
- Mining for Millennials: Recruiting the next Generation
Basin Bits - Fall 2015
- Banking onthe Bakken, Saving on Service Costs
Basin Bits - Spring 2015
- Changing the Game : Exporting North Dakotan Crude Oil Accross the Pond ... Is it Possible?
Basin Bits - Fall 2014
- Prospecting Potential, testing the Tyler
Basin Bits - Spring 2014
- Your Guide to the 22nd Annual Williston Basin Petroleum Conference
- Highlights from The Bakken / Three Forks Shale Oil Innovation Conference & Expo
Basin Bits - Fall 2013
- Your Guide to the 2013 North Dakota League of Cities Conference
- Your Guide to the 32nd North Dakota Petroleum Council Annual Meeting
- Building the Bakken, Shaping the Skyline
Basin Bits - Spring 2013
- Upping Your Downtown
- Drumming Up Day Care
- Cleaning Up Their Act
- A Real Flair for the Environment
- The Bakken Top 20
Basin Bits - Fall 2012
- Modular Classrooms Pass the Test.
- Building Winning Communities
- Crew Camps 101
- Breaking into the Bakken
- Learning from Booms of the Past
- The Bakken Top 42
Basin Bits - Spring 2012
- Pushing the Edge of the Bakken
- North Dakota is Open for Business
- Bright Ideas in the Industry
- Raising Authority, Lowering Statistics
- Learning to Cope with the Boom
- It's Easy Being Green

Crew Camp Videos
Carolyn Best Video
Video of Carolyn Best's presentation at the Crew Camp Best Practices Workshop
David Glatt Presentation
David Glatt's presentation at the Crew Camp Best Practices workshop
Roger Thomas Presentation
Roger Thomas' presentation at the Crew Camp Best Practices workshop
Sonny Alford Presentation
Sonny Alford's presentation at the Crew Camp Best Practices workshop
Travis Kelly Presentation
Travis Kelly's presentation at the Crew Camp Best Practices workshop.

Dust Control

Helpful Links
Bakken Shale drilling video
Watch how the oil drilling is done in Bakken shale and how the sand and water is forced into the fractures on this oil drilling video from Northern Oil and Gas Inc.
Great Plains Energy Corridor
A place for federal and state energy links and resources
Landowners Rights in Oil and Gas Leasing
Attorney Nate Bouray and Dunn County Commissioner Daryl Dukart discuss landowners rights related to oil and gas leasing and the things to look out for when leasing mineral acres.
ND Legislature
Contact legislators during the legislative session with the constituent view link.
North Dakota Firefighters Association
The official website of the North Dakota Firefighters Association. Sign up for trainings.
Surface and Mineral Owners Information
Answers to the complicated questions on rights of surface owners, and the process of leasing minerals.
Vision West ND
The Vision West ND project, which covers the nineteen oil and gas producing counties in western North Dakota, is setting the stage for economic sustainability. Through strategic planning sessions, community leaders and citizens identify strategies most likely to succeed in their region. The primary goals of the project are to address immediate, short-term needs to meet growth management challenges and establish a diversified economy in the future through the development of local and regional strategic plans. Additionally, over 25 infrastructure assessments will be completed for participating communities.

March 12, 2014 Budget Section
Attorney General Energy Impact Grant Details
This document contains a detailed breakdown of Energy Impact Grant funds awarded so far in the 2013-2015 biennium.
Attorney General Summary Presentation
Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem presented this summary to the Budget Section. It summarizes awards made to address criminal justice issues in the west.
City of Minot Presentation
Minot City Finance Director Cindy Hemphill's presentation to the ND Legislature's Budget Section.
City of Williston Presentation
Williston City Commissioner Brad Bekkedahl shared this report during the March 12, 2014 Budget Section meeting in Bismarck.
OMB Presentation
Pam Sharp, Director of the ND Office of Management and Budget, provided this presentation during the March 12, 2014 Budget Section meeting.

County road bids on hold from HB 1176 funding
DOT asks county to hold from bidding projects with funding from HB 1176 until the reductions have been announced by OMB.
Running With Oil newspaper series
An August 2010- 7 day series of articles and photographs of the Bakken and Three Forks oil boom in western North Dakota.

E-Mail Weekly Complimentary Newsletter
Get the latest news from western North Dakota oil and gas producing counties. This complimentary newsletter gives the latest perspective from county, city and school leaders.
Directors Cut - ND Dept. Mineral Resources
The Director's Cut is an update on current activity in the North Dakota oil patch from the Director of the Department of Mineral Resources.
News From the NDAOGPC Archive
Here you will find past e-newsletters sent from the NDAOGPC organized by send date. Also included are newsletters updating readers on Vision West ND, the regional planning project within western North Dakota.

Population Estimate Research

Economic Impact Committee - 11.18.13
This presentation shows ND's oil tax distributions and comparisons to other states. Presented by NDAOGPC.
EMS Greatest Needs Analysis Presentation
Representatives of Ulteig Engineering shared the results of their study on emergency medical service (EMS) greatest needs within western ND. Two areas in particular surfaced from the cell-driven data - areas near Alexander and Mandaree - as the "worst of the worst" under the five factors listed at the front of the study.
NDDOT - Regional Representation Meetings 2015 - Dickinson
County and Local Road Infrastructure Needs Assessment and Asset Inventory Toolkit Development for Dickinson, Stanley, Mandan, Fargo,Devils Lake
Right of Way Taskforce - Justin Kringstad
This presentation was made during the March 26, 2014 Right of Way Taskforce meeting in Tioga.
Williston Basin 2012: Projections of Future Employment and Population
This presentation, made by NDSU researcher Dean Bangsund on June 13, 2013 to the Vision West ND Consortium, provides information on population estimates being made in the Williston Basin region.

School Funding Info
School Funding Info Session - July 17, 2013
ND Oil and Gas Tax Structure, presented by Deputy Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger.
School Funding Info Session - July 17, 2013
The new state school funding model, presented by the Department of Public Instruction's School Finance Director Jerry Coleman.
School Funding Info Session - July 17, 2013
Explanation on how Oil and Gas Gross Production Tax will be distributed in the 2013-2015 biennium, presented by ND State Treasurer Kelly Schmidt.
School Funding Info Session - July 17, 2013
Energy Impact Grant opportunities for school districts in oil impacted areas of the state, presented by Assistant Director of the Energy Infrastructure and Impact Office Gerry Fisher.
School Funding Info Session - July 17, 2013
Opportunities for schools under the ND Housing Incentive Fund, presented by Bill Hourigan, the Housing Incentive Fund Program Administrator.
School Funding Info Session - July 17, 2013
Estimates of Oil and Gas Gross Production Tax distributions to western ND schools for Fiscal Year 2014, presented by Kathy Strombeck, the Director of Research and Communications in the ND Tax Commissioner's Office.

Vision West, ND
Vision West, ND
The Vision West ND project, which covers the nineteen oil and gas producing counties in western North Dakota, is setting the stage for economic sustainablility.

Western Conversation Material
Gross Production Tax Distribution Estimates
This handout, given during the February 19, 2014 Western Conversation, details the distributions of oil and gas Gross Production Tax revenue to western ND political subdivisions for FY 2014. It is based on actual amounts distributed through January 2014 and holding January distributions constant through remaining months of FY 2014. This document was put together by the State Treasurer's Office and reflects more accurate distributions to school districts.
McKenzie County Presentation
County road costs presented by McKenzie County Commissioner Ron Anderson during February 19, 2014 Western Conversation in Bismarck
NDDOT Presentation from Director Grant Levi
This presentation was delivered by NDDOT Director Grant Levi at the February 19, 2014 Western Conversation in Bismarck
Watford City Presentation
This presentation, showing the needs of Watford City, was presented by Watford City Mayor Brent Sanford during February 19, 2014 Western Conversation in Bismarck.
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